Our Luxury Wines

Under the Palatine sun, a range of absolutely unique wines begin their journey. The rich variety of our brand ranges, such as our
Deutsches Weintor Exclusiv Trocken,
Deutsches Weintor Exclusiv Exclusiv Lieblich,
Deutsches Weintor Exclusiv Edition Mild, and the
Deutsches Weintor–Weinkultur für Diabetiker®,
the mainstay of the DeutschesWeintor range of wines, offers a exquisite experience for every palate and every occasion. Our wines are very popular with sophisticated wine enthusiasts thanks to the excellent value they provide in their price categories, which has been confirmed by multiple awards. Our  
Deutsches Weintor Exclusiv Trocken red wine
ranks amongst the top sellers in the German retail grocery industry and was recently selected as the “German Red Wine of the Year in the Retail Grocery Industry” for the tenth time.

Edition "Mild"
Red Gate/White Gate